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    Terms & Conditions
    KTCL Tickets can be canceled at any of the counters irrespective of the place of booking including franchisees subject to following conditions:-

    1. Any Cancellation at KTCL or KTCL Agents is provided till the advance booking for that service is allowed. Refer to the cancellation norms.

    2. KTCL tickets cancellation % of refund is based on the time of cancellation and departure time of the KTCL service.

    3. Above mentioned conditions are applicable for any partial cancellations of KTCL tickets.

    4. Tickets booked on KTCL website will be allowed for cancellation on KTCL counter and cancellation norms will be applicable.

    5. If the KTCL service is canceled for operational reasons, Full refund will be given to the passengers.

    6. If a passenger has lost the eTicket copy of the same can be printed by logging on to www.goakadamba.com
    E-Booking Info
    1. Online booking through KTCL website will enable the passenger to Book the seats even from remote places where Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd. Office or Agents are not available.

    2. Online booking through KTCL website can be made without registration through the Internet.

    3. KTCL Tickets can be booked round the clock and payments for tickets booked will have to be made through Credit card / Internet Banking.

    4. The passengers will select the seats in a service of his choice based on the availability.

    5. Before authentication of the booking, the passenger will have to feed payment details like 'Credit Card / Internet Banking' for accepting payment by the Payment Gateway. The booking will be confirmed after the financial gateway approves the transaction and thereafter PNR number will be generated for that ticket. Passengers can print the eTicket which has to be printed on plain paper for acknowledgement and it will be valid for the journey.

    6. If the passenger is traveling with an eTicket he has to furnish the Original ID Card during the journey.
    Cancellation Policy (Reservation Fee is non refundable)
    5 days and more in advance - 15% deduction

    2 days in advance - 20% deduction

    1 day in advance - 25% deduction

    Same Day prior to 4 hours advance of the dept time - 50% deduction

    Same day with 4 hours and less time left for dept - No Refund